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The devices SafecookMC,
designed to secure electric ranges.

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About us

Fondé en 1994 par deux personnes de Québec de la compagnie U.S. Pro-Tech, le produit est alors approuvé CSA. En avril 2004, Protection E.M. voit le jour et acquiert le produit auprès de la Compagnie SEM Électronique.
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Customer testimonials

Jeannette Gosselin


My 95-year-old mother is still in her house and we are worried about her use of the stove. With the help of the Safecook timer, she will be able to spend a few more years at home making ...

L. Lazazzera



Our latest news

2021-07-23, Clock still functional

A new feature is now available. You can now have the option to let your stove clock still work even if your timer is not activated. This option will cost you only $20 more. ...

2021-01-01, Price increase

Hello dear customers, As you know, our prices have not changed since 2007, we have the same prices for more than 13 years to help our customers. Unfortunately, as in all areas, the costs of raw materials, certification fees, fixed costs, everything ...


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