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What is the product warranty?

The product is guaranteed for 1 year parts and labor.

Does the SAFECOOK TM installed on all types of electric stove?

If your electric stove is plugged into a standard wall outlet, you can install the SAFECOOK without problem, if an electrician is required by cons, if your stove is not plugged into a standard outlet, we recommend you contact us to verify.

Does Safecook work only for the elements of the stove or for the oven also?

Yes the safecook is a device which allows use the stove altogether when the timer is activated, as long as the timer is not activated nothing works. Once the activated timer, you will can used 1, 2, 3 or 4 elements and even the oven. When the timer will arrive at zero, all the elements opened will be stopped.

We can rent the safecook

Yes it is possible to rent the safecook by month, contact we for the prices and the conditions


All of our devices are CSA certified for Canada and the United States

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