Safecook Intelligent 120V with Normal Automatic Timer

The Intelligent Safecook with Normal Automatic Timer (SAF-NIA) bundle allows electric a small stove running on the 120 volt, a microwave oven or even a toaster oven to be used without having to set the timer manually. You simply turn on a burner and the timer automatically starts counting down the pre-programmed amount of time. The 120V unit will be on throughout the pre-programmed amount of time and is automatically turned off when the time is up.

    If you turn off all the burners before the time is up, everything will work normally the next time you use the 120V unit.

    However, if you forget that a burner is on and the timer reaches 0:00, Intelligent Safecook will cut the electricity supplied to the 120V unit. To use the 120V unit again, you will first have to turn off any burner that was left on and then push the timer’s ON/OFF button.

  • tend to forget that something is on the stove
  • have a mental impairment
  • are elderly
  • are starting to lose their independence
  • have young children

Normal Automatic Timer

The digital timer has more features than the mechanical timer. For example, the digital timer:
  • has a display that indicates exactly how much time is left before Intelligent Safecook will cut the electricity supplied to the range,
  • beeps when the timer reaches 0:00,
  • and can be programmed to run for as long as you would like.
You can program the timer on your own. To learn how to program the timer, contact us. We will be happy to explain it to you! The timer automatically starts when the range is turned on. The range will be on until the timer reaches 0:00. Amount of time programmed The digital timer can be programmed for any amount of time.

Timer time :
The electronic timer is programmable to the desired time.

controleur Safecook Intelligent 120

Intelligent Safecook 120 volts allows electric ranges to be used when the timer is active. The range will be on throughout the pre-programmed time period and will be turned off when the time is up. This "intelligent" model provides increased security¬—it checks whether or not a burner has been left on. If so, the range will not work. You will have to turn off all the burners that were left on before you can start the timer.

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